* * Christmas Closure for 2016-17 will be 23rd December to 30th January inclusive * *

                          ~ please plan ahead as no orders will be processed during this period

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Established in 1991 to serve West Australian textile artists, now located in Albany, in the Great Southern, and while being an ‘on line’ business, visitors are welcome by prior arrangement.

TAFE and University trained textile artist, Carol is always happy to offer product advice and tends to stock only tried and reliable items, constantly adding to and improving our range to satisfy demand.

There is no middle man. We import our own silks and hand hemmed scarves, which are manufactured for us in China to our own specifications and high quality.

We never compromise quality for price.

Our silks are natural clean warm white, un-dyed, un-bleached and free from any additional factory processes such as bulking agents, stiffeners, softeners, lustre agents, crease resistants, fire retardants, soiling repellents. All of which may act as dye resistants.

Silk contains varying amounts of sericin, a naturally occurring protein gum generated by the silk worm. The amount found in any length of silk will very according to environmental and climatic conditions of the season. This can easily be removed, please see our  fact sheet  on Preparation & Dyeing of Silk

We aim always to offer a high quality silk for the best possible price determined by current factors. Our customers are important. Happy customers keep us in business, we never forget that.

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