Natural Dyes & Indigo

Natural Dyes are a growing feature of our product range.
Watch this site for more natural dyes, mordants, books and seeds to grow your own

  • A range of natural dyes from different parts of the globe. Supplied as 50g, in powder form, unless otherwise stated. 

    Each dye comes with a full colour information sheet, instructions and suggested recipe. 

    Dyes are subject to availability. You will be offered a close colour if your choice is not available.

    Alum is the preferred mordant for natural dyes, other mordants Iron, Tannic, Copper, which can be purchased at the same time if required.

    A Natural Dye ' surprise dye' beginners kit is also available, which contains an information sheet and two silk scarfes.

    Please view drop down box for colours and prices, all vary.

  • Price$10.85
  • This full sized Beginners Kit contains one 50g jar of a Natural Dye Stuff, with full colour recipe & instructions and any mordant such as Soda Ash required - TWO SCARVES are provided, silk and/or silk/cotton * scarf sizes may vary by availability

    ~ Dye by availabilty from the following : yellows ~ Fustic, Himalayan Rubrub, Turmeric, Marigold, Saffron, Chamomile, Calendula :  reds ~ Rosehip, Natural Beet, Henna : oranges ~ Kamala, Orange Osage, Cutch ~ subject to availability

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  • Price$38.50
  • RUST & TANNIC NATURAL DYERS KIT~ currently unavailable, sorry
  • RUST & TANNIC NATURAL DYERS KIT~ currently unavailable, sorry
  • THIS IS EXCITING ~ Rust, for rich terracotta to red ochre shades, and Tannic for smokey browns, compliment each other and can be used alone, or together for greys and iron blacks. Use with Indigo for blue greys. Both can also be used as mordents in other natural dye baths. This full sized Beginners Kit contains Rust ~ Ferrous Sulphate, Tannic ~ Chestnut Extract Tannin, with comprehensive instructions - TWO hand rolled silk scarves are provided, silk and/or silk/cottonScarves may vary according to availablity.

    * excellent gift idea

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  • Price$38.50
  • INDIGO VAT DYE BLUE 1 - currently out of stock
  • INDIGO VAT DYE BLUE 1 - currently out of stock
  • Indigo Vat Blue 1. Synthetic Indigo, developed from natural Indigo, stablised, improved colour, fastness, reliable results. Use in all indigo recipes. Recipe available upon request.

  • Price$10.95
  • Stabilised Hydros 250G
  • Stabilised Hydros 250G
  • Stabilised Sodium Hydrosulphite, recipe ingredient for Indigo Vat dye. Can also be used as a dye stripper for wool and cellulose.


  • Price$15.00
  • Soda Ash 500G
  • Soda Ash 500G
  • Sodium Carbonate - Alkali Fixing Agent for Fibre Reactive dyes, Indigo, Natural Dyes

  • Price$8.90
  • Aluminium Sulphate (Alum)
  • Aluminium Sulphate (Alum)
  • Dyers grade Alum. Mordant - fixer - colour lifter - Plant / Natural Dyeing

  • Price$14.80
  • Ferrous Sulphate (Iron)
  • Ferrous Sulphate (Iron)
  • Mordant / Dye ~ Natural Dyeing

    Dye grade, will give clear, vibrant colour ~ without contaminants found in agricultural iron supplements.

  • Price$5.00
  • Tannic Acid 50g SOLD OUT, sorry!
  • Tannin, Chestnut Extract. Rich brown, blacks and smokey greys. Lovely alone or combine with Rust to acheive greys and iron blacks. Combine with Indigo for blue blacks. Regarded as the earliest of the true natural dyes.

  • Price$10.20

Silk to dye for .....

A generous supply of assorted silks for the dyer, aimed to introduce  new silks not tried before;each pack contains an ever changing selection of seven different silks that vary in size. Sizes may be fat quarter, selvedge to selvedge about 20cm wide, quarter metre square or otherwise useful piece for the dyepot, applique or creative dyework.

  • Silk to dye for .....
  • Width-
  • Weight-
  • Price $32.00

Natural Dyeing Books

  • Indigo Egyptian Mummies to Blue Jeans
  • Indigo Egyptian Mummies to Blue Jeans
  • Jenny Balfour-Paul
  • 10% OFF ** gift idea **


    For the dye enthusiast as well as the competant beginner ~ this is the recently released edition of Jenny's original gospel on the subject of Indigo. This classic book tells the compelling story of the worlds most valued and widely used natural dyestuff since ancient times. Indigo is natures only source of blue dye, produced from plants by a process akin to alchemy. The result of over 20 years of research, this is the only book to examine all aspects of this subject and is an incredible read. A wonderful,  valuable reference for all those interested in textiles, art and design, or the history of colour. Superbly written and illustrated in full, rich colour.

  • Price$32.40
  • the science of plant colour
  • David Lee
  • 25% OFF


    A  great book that will leave you looking at leaves and petals with renewed admiration’ New Scientist


    A book that will earn the interest of botanists, gardeners, artists, dyers and creative thinkers everywhere.


    Natures Palette is a highly illustrated, immensely entertaining exploration of the science of plant colour. Beginning with potent reminders of how deeply interwoven plant colours are with human life and culture – from the shifting hues that told early humans when fruit and vegetables were ready to eat, to the indigo dyes that signified royalty for later generations. David Lee moves easily through the details of pigments, the evolution of colour perception, the nature of light and dozens of other topics. Through a narrative peppered with anecdotes of a life spent pursuing botanical knowledge around the world, he reveals the profound ways that efforts to understand and exploit plant colour have influenced the sphere of human life, and continue to do so.

    This book achieves great balance, full of wonders and wondering, in which the scientific, the personal, the poetic and the historical come together in a delightful and easy read.  

  • Price$35.21
  • Dyeing Elegance: Asian Modernism and the Art of Kuboku and Hisako Takaku
  • Dyeing Elegance: Asian Modernism and the Art of Kuboku and Hisako Takaku
  • 50% OFF 

    A glorious book! Textile artist Takaku Kuboku (1908-1993) is a paragon among modern artists of Japan, fusing rural and urban, traditional and innovative, and Asian and European influences in his life and work. In a milieu where artists championed indigenous craft techniques as a vital component of authentic Asian artistic achievement, he specialized in wax-resist textile dyeing, or roketsuzome. His works on silk were among the most highly sought-after by the elite classes of Japanese society. With his daughter Hisako (b. 1944) he produced obi and kimono that combine the Japanese aesthetic of spontaneous ink brush painting with modern Cubist and abstract designs, while maintaining ties with traditional Japanese painting. The subjects are predominantly drawn from nature, with a spiritual undertone indicating an awareness of and sensitivity to the idea of a life force that courses through and unifies all living things. Hardcover

  • Price$21.25
  • Dye Plants & Dyeing
  • Dye Plants & Dyeing
  • The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.
  • John & Margaret Cannon
  • 10% OFF


    All who work with fibres and textiles, as well as botanists and plant enthusiasts, will love this book. The authors, being both professional botanists, have selected forty eight plants from around the world and describe the structure and cultivation of each, it’s history as a dye source and the best method of use based on their own experience. Each plant is beautifully illustrated by Gretal Dalby-Quenet, a skilled botanical artist, in a full page painting that also shows the colours the plant can yield, some of these are saffron, indigo, madder, henna, elderberry. John Cannon was Keeper of Botany at The Natural History Museum, London until 1990. Margaret Cannon was a botanical researcher there also, and is now a specialised artisan of spinning, dyeing and weaving in the UK. Excellent publication.

  • Price$40.41
  • Second Skin
  • Second Skin
  • choosing and caring for textiles and clothing ~ AU Edition
  • India Flint
  • From the flyleaf; Almost from the moment of our birth, clothing acts as a second skin - yet we rarely consider where our clothes have come from and the effects they may have on the environment. This heartfelt, practical and topical book is about easily achievable ways in which we can care for our planet by living simpler lives and using fewer of Earth's non-renewable resources, specifically those to do with clothes and clothing.

    This is a beautifully photographed and browsable book, presenting inspirational and practical information on selecting and acquiring, wearing and caring for, making and re-purposing textiles and clothing.

  • Price$43.95
  • Natural Dyes
  • Natural Dyes
  • Hardman & Pinhey
  • 30% OFF

    A welcome, and astonishingly beautiful new publication on the subject of natural dyes. UK in origin, containing a few hedgerow plants that we won't see in Australia, but crammed full of plants we will. Beautiful detailed hand-painted illustrations adorn each recipe along with information on growing & foraging, and special section on designing a dyers garden. Judy Hardman is a master dyer/weaver/spinner, Sally Pinhey teaches botanical illustration and is a RHS medalist & illustrator of horticultural books. Contents include preparation for dyeing and dye techniques, how to dye felt in all its forms, solar dyeing and step by step instructions for silk, wool and cotton. This is a very special addition to the natural dye enthusiast's library of reference books.  2009 UK

  • Price$31.49
  • Wild Colour
  • Wild Colour
  • The Complete Guide to Making & Using Natural Dyes
  • Jenny Dean
  • 10% OFF


    The best resource available on Natural Dyeing. This wonderful book is a practical, inspirational guide to using plant matter to create beautiful colour. A comprehensive text outlines all the necessary equipment, how to select fibres and plants, choose the right methods for mordanting & dyeing, test colour modifiers and fastness of dyed colour, how to obtain a range of gorgeous colour from every plant, beautifully illustrated in over 250 swatches. Each plant species is carefully explained and photographed, detailing the cultivation and harvesting, where found, availability, planting, growing and harvesting seasons, plant parts and different colour effects, dyeing procedure, mordants.  paperback 2010 

  • Price$29.25